Supply, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems and CCTVs

Any fire or explosion may occur at any time and everywhere. Any negligence may result in immeasurable consequences. Fire or explosion consequences often seriously affect human life, health, assets and environment if no fire safety measures are applied. Therefore, fire safety plays a critical role in preventing and minimizing risks or damages from fire or explosion and preventing malefactors from taking advantage of fire or explosion to do illegal acts.

Companies and households must pay much attention to fire safety. Keeping fire safety should be made frequently and requires all the companies and employees to heighten their responsibility. Every company must be equipped with fire safety systems, appliances and tools. However, a fire safety system may get malfunction and fail to meet the requirements during operation because it’s not undergone periodical maintenance. Thus, this service helps you check and maintain fire safety systems, appliances and tools on a periodical basis.

With this service, our employees will offer professional advice, survey, design, install and maintain fire safety systems, appliances and tools, CCTVs and anti-thief devices for construction works, companies, factories, supermarkets, hotels and schools.

  Employees for this service are responsible for inspecting and maintaining alarm systems and firefighting equipment and tools on a periodical basis to ensure no damages or losses occur.

Supply, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems include:

Checking and sealing safety locks of fire extinguishers to determine whether the fire extinguishers have been used or not; adhering signs or labels to the fire extinguishers after storage or maintenance; replacing the safety locks and attaching new seals.

* Automatic firefighting system

- Inspecting and cleaning fire alarm control panel, control cabinet battery, heat and smoke detectors.

- Inspecting and cleaning emergency button, fire bell and horn.

- Reviewing, checking and reconnecting signal line in case of any damages.

- Conducting experiment for the whole system.

* Side wall firefighting system 

Checking and repairing insignificant damages of control cabinet, fire pump, gasoline and diesel pumps, pipeline, sprinkler and fire valve.

- Running the pump for 10-15 minutes and inspecting the whole system.

* Lighting system for fire safety

Inspecting all the exit and emergency lights.

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