Professional security training

Pursuant to the Decree no. 96/2016/ND-CP enacted on 01/07/2016 by the government specifying security conditions for conditional business fields, only security service companies that are eligible for operating security services, have professional security training curriculum and have qualified teachers and standard materials facilities as certified by the Ministry of Public Security are allowed to conduct the professional security training.

In March 2011, the Ministry of Public Security firstly verified professional security training curriculum, teachers and material facilities and certified Au Viet Company as eligible for professional security training. On 12 May 2011, Au Viet Company was licensed by the Binh Duong Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to open professional security training centers for organizations, other security service companies and workers.

Curriculum of professional security training prepared by Au Viet Company is in conformity with international civil security materials and actual conditions of businesses.

Preliminary security training curriculum (21 special topics)

1. Company rules and professional ethics

2. Security regulations

3. Security-related laws

4. Political theory

5. Functions, tasks and rights of guard team

6. Target patrolling and guarding

7. Interpersonal skills

8. Strike, riot and fighting prevention skills

9. Fire prevention skills

10. Word processing techniques

11. Scene protection

12. First aid

13. Security for factories and companies

14. Security for building structures

15. Security for buildings, offices and hotels

16. Security for bookstores and supermarkets

17. Security for restaurants, bars and night clubs

18. Security for events (festival, opening and inauguration ceremony, music and fashion show, entertainment and amusement event)

19. Security for VIP

20. Security for banks

21. Features, effects and using method of supporting tools

Exam (constructed-response test, multiple-choice questions and practice)

II. Intermediate security training curriculum: consisting of 19 special topics of preliminary security training and the following:

1. Target commanding and controlling

2. Reporting skills

3. Advanced laws

4. Investigation, verification and situation assessment at the target

5. Thief prevention and investigation

6. Movable target protection (transport escort)

7. Martial arts for self-defense and resistance

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