Overview of Au Viet Company

   Au Viet Company kindly wishes you good health, happiness and prosperity. The following is the overview of Au Viet Company that helps you give best choice for your demand and opens cooperation opportunities with us.

   History of establishment and development

  To follow Vietnam’s policies on innovation, global and regional economic integration as well as attraction of local and foreign investors, more and more businesses have been founded to promote their business and production in both quantity and scale.

During the business and production, businesses and entrepreneurs are aware of the safety of health, life, assets and goods as well as corporate security as per the laws. Consequently, Au Viet Security Service Co., Ltd was established on 1 March 2007. Pursuant to the laws of Vietnam, this is conditional business field. Au Viet Company was certified by the Ministry of Public Security as eligible for operating security services and professional security training.

Au Viet Company has set up its representative offices working all day and night in Binh Duong and Dong Nai Provinces, Ho Chi Minh City and southeast provinces to satisfy market demand and facilitate its customer care.


  Au Viet Company is assisted by managers and executives who have undergone training courses at the People’s Police Academy and Military Technical Academy and experienced in civil security, fire prevention and security devices. These officers are very young, enthusiastic, self-motivated, creative, courteous and considerate. Au Viet Company, with its expert serving style, has proved one of the leading security companies fulfilling your needs and expectations.

Our guards have been screened and trained by experienced specialists in accordance with training materials for international civil security and training curriculum for security skills verified and approved by the Ministry of Public Security and in connection with actual conditions of your company.

Rapid response team of Au Viet Company is equipped with modern equipment and tools to regularly patrol and inspect the guards’ compliance with security tasks and maintain the security at the targets. This team is able to respond and prevent immediately any problem or risk arising beyond your expectations, including strike, sluggishness, fighting, disturbance, fire, explosion or other actions that may affect your business, production and safety.

   Motto and orientation

  In the context of globalization, Vietnam has been joining the international economy and Au Viet Company bravely penetrates into market with its capacity and devotion. Service quality, customer’s safety and trust are the top priorities of Au Viet Company. We always observe the following motto:


We commit to offer the safety for you, satisfy your demands and provide you with perfect services at reasonable and competitive price.

  We are committed to:

  Keeping the safety of people, goods and assets.

  Maintaining customer’s satisfaction, loyalty and attachment to customer.

  Ensuring prestige and professional liability.

General Director of Au Viet Security Service Co., Ltd

Nguyen Xuan Van, Bachelor of Law, People’s Police Academy