Attention to the Company! - Au Viet Bodyguard Service Co., Ltd would like to thank for your attention payment for our service and good relationship with Au Viet. We wish all you healthy, happy and prosperity and we hope for opportunity to do business with you for mutual improvement.


       - Au Viet would like to send you the following quotation.

      Service fees:  630 USD//Month/location 

Au Viet would like to describe the schedule of time, number of guards working in the Company with 01 positions as follows:




Number of employees

Service fees



                      3 Guard

(There must be always one watching staff.

Staffs canchange from one to two shifts a

day dependently on actual situations.)



700 USD


-  The fees include of those in holidays, Tet days, Sundays

- The fees are salaries, social insurance, health insurance, life insurance, aid tools, stationeries, lodges, managerial and traveling costs and welfares required by Vietnam laws.

      -  The number of positions and service fees will be adjusted after Au Viet considers your Company’s actualities and agreements by and between two sides.

      -  The fees above are exclusive of VAT.

     We hope customers give Au Viet an appointment so that we can introduce clearly and fully our services to open cooperative promises between both parties.

          Au Viet is honor to thank and greet customers.