Security for bars and dance halls

Bars and dance halls are amusement destinations or clubs for a group of people. They are often operated at night and the weekends. Such places are characterized by noisy music and live performances by live music bands, not professional stages. There are a lot of people dancing under the colorful and blinking light. A dance hall may be an independent place or part of a restaurant or hotel while a bar relates to these services. In general, dance halls are often soundproofed from the outside to prevent noise at night that influences on community activities.

Night is a good time for bars and dance halls because many people (teenagers) gather to spend money on luxury parties and this leads to complicated disorder. In addition to the demand for proper entertainment, these places are good for malefactors to do illegal acts and cause social problems. Bars and dance halls are the fascinating sites for teenagers of different ages who are interested in gathering, showiness, strong colors, mixing with the crowd, up-to-date pleasures, doing what people do not expect or drawing others’ attention by unusual acts. Main purposes that teenagers aim to are proving themselves and satisfying their needs wrongly.

Disturbance and law violation of corrupt teenagers and criminals, social problems, fights or protection rackets usually arise in sensitive places that cause bad impact on bars and dance halls.

The presence of Au Viet guards brings high security for people to participate in entertainment activities and prevents perturbative and extreme acts.

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