Security for bookstores

A bookstore is a center for books, cultural products, souvenirs and other publications and often located in municipal center or town where it’s near schools and dormitories and crowded. There are a lot of people and vehicles coming here, especially at the weekends or holidays. A bookstore, with its large area, is divided into various sections such as books, cultural products and toys beside administrative section and parking lot. Meanwhile, many products are displayed in different sizes.

Thus, it’s very difficult to check, supervise and guide people and vehicles coming to the bookstores, especially at the entrance and payment counter. Stealers and pickpockets merge into these places to do illegal acts. Fire safety is also tough in case of any unexpected problems.

This service helps maintain the security while customers come to and from the bookstores and prevent any disturbance,robbing, pickpocketing and fraud.

When you use this service, Au Viet guards will cooperate with you in keeping security for the bookstores, maintaining the safety of products and assets and providing customers with a favorable environment for visiting and shopping.

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