Free-Of-Charge Services Services

Free-Of-Charge Services

Welcome to Au Viet Security Company. We kindly provide free of charge foreign country-related services as follows: - Professional advice about and completion of the procedures for foreign country-related marriage, marital and family relationship You are not a Vietnamese doing business in Vietnam? You want to get married to a Vietnamese person or adopt a Vietnamese person as your father, mother or child? Au Viet Company will assist you in completing necessary legal procedures to have a fast and happy marriage or new member of your family as you desire. - Converting a foreign driver’s license into Vietnamese one You’re a foreigner and have had a driver’s license? You come to Vietnam for carrying out business, working or studying and you want to drive a motorbike/car pursuant to the Law on Road Transportation enacted by the Government of Vietnam? Au Viet Company will help you fulfil this requirement by converting your driver’s license into Vietnamese one. -...

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Supply, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems and CCTVs Services

Supply, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems and CCTVs

Any fire or explosion may occur at any time and everywhere. Any negligence may result in immeasurable consequences. Fire or explosion consequences often seriously affect human life, health, assets and environment if no fire safety measures are applied. Therefore, fire safety plays a critical role in preventing and minimizing risks or damages from fire or explosion and preventing malefactors from taking advantage of fire or explosion to do illegal acts.   Companies and households must pay much attention to fire safety. Keeping fire safety should be made frequently and requires all the companies and employees to heighten their responsibility. Every company must be equipped with fire safety systems, appliances and tools. However, a fire safety system may get malfunction and fail to meet the requirements during operation because it’s not undergone periodical maintenance. Thus, this service helps you check and maintain fire safety systems, appliances and tools on a periodical basis. With...

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Consultancy service Services

Consultancy service

Owning to the employees who are qualified and experienced in civil security and laws, we’re willing to give you professional advice about maintaining the safety of goods, assets and meet other appropriate and lawful demands when you use such services. - Professional advice about corporate security measures Au Viet guards will investigate and give professional advice or recommendations or make security measures for companies, offices, factories and schools, fire safety measures, strike and disturbance prevention measures, and asset thief and loss prevention measures. - Professional advice about and completion of the procedures for foreign country-related marriage, marital and family relationship You are not a Vietnamese doing business in Vietnam? You want to get married to a Vietnamese person or adopt a Vietnamese person as your father, mother or child? Advisory service staff will assist you in completing necessary legal procedures to have a fast and happy marriage or new member of your family as you...

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Security for mobile targets Services

Security for mobile targets

A mobile target means the target that is protected during moving from a place to another on a fixed route and in a defined period according to the specified plan or measure. This target may be a person (or group of persons) who needs protection for life, health, honor or dignity, or may be goods or assets (money, gold, precious metals, artistic works and valuable products). It’s either public or secret protection (formation, uniform and itinerary). Based on the characteristics of the targets and client demands, mobile targets are very tough and complicated for the guards. The most important objective for such type is to keep safety during moving from the determined location until the end of the itinerary. Employing Au Viet guards is a correct choice because they’re qualified and experienced extensively in escort. Supporting tools and transport vehicles are equipped properly in each specific case. Security companies in Binh Duong -...

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Security for supermarkets and trade centers Services

Security for supermarkets and trade centers

Supermarkets and trade centers are often located in municipal centers or towns where the population is very dense. There are a lot of people and vehicles coming here, especially at the weekends or holidays. Meanwhile, many products are displayed in different sizes. Understanding these features, professional ruffians and robbers merge into such locations to do illegal acts. Therefore, to ensure a favorable and secure business environment for supermarkets and trade centers, expert guards are very necessary. With this service, you have good security and absolute safety of products, assets and shoppers. Our guards are responsible for welcoming and guiding all the shoppers and vehicles to access the supermarkets and trade centers and controlling all the products and assets taken to and from such places. Security companies in Binh Duong - Au Viet Security

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Security for schools and foreign language centers Services

Security for schools and foreign language centers

  Main subject of a school is students. This environment helps them acquire good knowledge and education to form their personalities. Consequently, school management board and parents desire the school must be safe for all the students. Nowadays, the economy is growing while education socialization is impulsed powerfully. Schools are built spaciously and nicely and equipped with full of modern and valuable teaching aids. Thus, the schools are one of the preys for thieves and the students may be kidnapped. Some students of high schools and vocational schools, due to bad impacts of movie, game, love or other social issues, tend to do illegal acts such as fighting, disturbance, revenge or stealing resulting in bad influence on study environment. Beside teaching, school management board and teachers cannot shoulder the above tasks, especially keeping the security. This service requires professional guards who are responsible for maintaining the safety of teachers, students and teaching aids...

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Security for buildings and hotels Services

Security for buildings and hotels

Buildings and hotels are situated in busy cities and towns where they become the gateways for economy, business, culture, tourism, amusement, airport, port and square. These buildings and hotels are built strongly with modern architectural styles and equipped with conveniences, fire prevention systems, emergency exits and cameras. The inside consists of many offices, rooms or apartments for hire that are relatively independent from the whole structure. There are a lot of people and vehicles accessing to the buildings and hotels. Customers are the persons of high social position and income. Some units of the buildings and hotels are used for bars, dance halls, supermarkets, shopping malls, amusement and sport centers, restaurants, etc), so they are complicated and social problems and malefactors arise. You are completely secure about this service because our guards have been selected, trained and expert in using security devices, supporting tools, fire prevention equipment, etc. In addition, they are very...

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Security for events Services

Security for events

Launching and inauguration ceremonies, establishment anniversaries, etc are very important for any organization or individual. These events mark the beginning or preparation for a new stage. Hence, preparing and organizing the ceremonies carefully to leave deep impression on guests are the top priority. Maintaining the security, welcoming and assisting the guests in getting to know the organizer will contribute to the success of such ceremonies.  All guards of Au Viet Security Company take responsibility for keeping the security and performing due ceremonials for delegations and guests, conferences, meetings, anniversaries, launching and inauguration ceremonies, sport games, music and fashion shows, amusement activities, etc. This service is provided free for customers who have been using Au Viet Security Company’s services. Other customers may receive the same after considering the scale, time, schedule and location of those events. Security companies in Binh Duong - Au Viet Security

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Security for bookstores Services

Security for bookstores

A bookstore is a center of books, cultural products, souvenirs and other publications and often located in municipal centers or towns where they are near schools and dormitories and the population is very dense. There are a lot of people and vehicles coming here, especially at the weekends or holidays. A bookstore, with its large area, is divided into various sections such as books section, cultural products section, toys section, administrative section and parking lot. Meanwhile, many goods are displayed in different sizes Thus, it’s very difficult to check, supervise and guide people and vehicles coming to the bookstores, in which the entrance and payment counter are the most vital. Stealers and pickpockets merge into these locations to do illegal acts. Fire prevention is also tough in case of any unexpected problems.  Au Viet guards cooperate with you in conducting security for bookstores to handle any disorder, maintain safety of products and...

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Professional security training Services

Professional security training

Professional security training of Au Viet Security Company aims at customers employing internal guards (self-recruitment) to finish their jobs well. Many security companies have been set up, but not qualified or eligible for security training pursuant to new regulations enacted by the Government and Ministry of Public Security. Thus, they must cooperate with public security schools or other security companies to train their guards. Security training center (security vocational school) of Au Viet Security Company has been licensed for professional security training and its curriculum have been verified by the Police Department of Administrative Management on Social Order, Ministry of Public Security. Au Viet Security Company also has been licensed by the Binh Duong Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs for establishing a professional security training center (vocational school). The security training curriculum of Au Viet Security are subject to international civil security materials and actual conditions of businesses. The Ministry...

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Security for hospitals Services

Security for hospitals

Medical examination and treatment has become an increasing demand for all Vietnamese people and foreigners who are living, working and studying in Vietnam. Beside disease treatment and periodical healthcare, this demand results from law violation or social problems. Security of hospitals has been complicated recently. Some extremists cause disturbance and assault physicians, patient’s relatives and guards due to personal conflicts or misunderstanding of patient’s relatives during medical examination and treatment. This is a serious concern for society and medical examination and treatment. Therefore, many hospitals and clinics have employed professional guards to maintain security and safety of physicians and patient’s relatives during medical examination and treatment. This is a tough mission that requires the guards to have firm stuff and skills to solve the matters and handle the extremists effectively.  Hospitals, clinics and medical stations will be provided with high security environment from trusting in our expert guards and serving style. Security companies...

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Security for construction works Services

Security for construction works

A construction work is one of the most complicated targets due to its nature and characteristics. The Management Board of the construction organization and the Employer often work at the office far from the target and they are infrequently present at such target. Meanwhile, the Management Board mainly consists of engineers, technicians and supervisors. A construction work is basically executed by subcontractors of various packages and items, so it’s very difficult to oversee materials and workers. Workers are unskilled labor who do seasonal jobs and receive weekly wages. Number of workers are not fixed and their positions and accommodations are not stable. The unskilled workers of a construction work have higher income and do heavier jobs than those of other industries. They rest in provisional places, even at the job site, so they usually drink beer or wine, leading to fighting, disturbance, gambling or thief. When a construction work is under operation, fencing wall,...

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Security for companies, factories and workshops Services

Security for companies, factories and workshops

Good security is indispensable for any company to carry out its business and production. For maintaining the safety of goods and assets, all employees should comply strictly with labor regulations and disciplines and leave deep impression on customers. This requires professional, experienced and responsible guards. Au Viet Security Company has the honor of assisting you in organizing, arranging and managing the guards in accordance with key operations and tasks below: Providing the security and safety of goods, assets, machinery, equipment and other facilities to ensure all business and production activities are conducted in the best environment. Inspecting, monitoring and guiding all employees and customers to follow labor regulations and disciplines; keeping the security and order at the target. Checking and controlling all employees and their personal objects, bags and vehicles brought to and from the target as well as any employee who fails to observe the specified working hours. Welcoming and guiding customers, visitors, guests...

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Security for banks Services

Security for banks

Banks and financial institutions are mainly situated in administrative and municipal centers, towns, townships, etc where there are a lot of valuable assets and customers. Head offices of banking affiliates and transaction offices are located in critical areas, so people and vehicles are very crowded. The more the economy grows, the better living conditions become. Consequently, there’re significant changes in awareness of keeping money, gold and valuable assets. Businesses make their transactions through the banks. Households and individuals tend to deposit their money at the banks instead of keeping it at their homes because of higher security and profitability. Therefore, robbers and gangs come to these locations to defraud and snatch money and assets of customers. This service is considered the best security measure for financial institutions and customers.     Thanks to many years of experience in screening and training the guards in self-defence and resistance skills and in using supporting tools without...

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Security for policians Services

Security for policians

A developing society leads to a better material and spiritual life, increasing demand for amusement, and higher safety for human life and health. Politicians, entrepreneurs, high-income persons or public figures are the subjects offenders aim at. These people are often insecure about any attack, asset appropriation, kidnapping for a ransom or any threat of life, health, honor and dignity from malefactors. Consequently, this service can meet the above requirements. Our guards have been trained, experienced and equipped with necessary tools, so they are capable of making a reconnaissance and disguisement without hesitating to cope with impacts. They will assess the situation to protect the target and maintain the safety of politicians, delegations, singers, actors/actresses and guests in accordance with the proposed time, schedule or tour.    The duties of the guards may be public, secret or both, depending on actual situation and client requirements.   You will be secured when you use this service....

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